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100m2 de Pavatex — écal-Circuit-centre d'art en l'île-CCC-Forde-Lucy McIntosh-Duplex-1m3-Villa du Parc


Pavatex is an isolation medium for construction made of wood debris. It comes in the form of very thin boards.

For my diploma at écal, I bought 100m² of these pavatex board. I wanted to cover the exhibition surface. The leftovers were piled on the side of the room.

After my graduation, I had a storage problem for the boards. So I asked the people at Circuit in Lausanne if I could put them in there basement.

They stayed there a while. But then I had to move them away. So I thought I could try to keep storing the boards in exhibition spaces. Well, with a loose definition of 'in'. They could be stored in whatever place that belongs to an exhibition space, but they do not have to be properly, publicly exhibited.

The piece grows its name with the names of the place it has been stored in.

And the boards keep reducing in size and get dirtier and dirtier, after each exhibition, mainly because of the transportation from one place to the other.